Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2000 miles in 3 days, but I am Home!

So, sorry for the delays in the posts, but I was in home mode and putting in full days to get home.
The last 2 days were over 700 miles, and I think that I managed the longer rides well.

All in all, I had a fantastic trip.

I rode the entirety of the Route 66 corridor
I rode Highway 101 from start to end (with Highway 1 thrown in there)
I saw tumbleweed blow across the road before me
I stood on top of a mountain
I dodged free range stock on the road
I was cooked in record heat at 117 degrees and shivered in the northwest coast at 50.
I saw fireworks in San Diego and again in Disneyland.
I saw my brother Eric and his girl Lulu.
I slept in the camper 9 nights out of the 23 that I was gone.
I bought 228 gallons of fuel and rode 7375 miles.

I will leave you with my favorite shot of the trip.

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