Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Made It

After the scorcher last night, I went for an early start, setting my alarm for 4:30. 4:15 my eyes opened up. I guess I am still on Ohio time.  At least it cooled down.  When I left at just before 5am, it was 95 degrees.  The gas station was not open yet, but I had a half tank so I got on the highway.  My paranoid mind was stuck on the idea of not making it to the next gas station, but I had a gallon and a half to spare when I did fill up.
The ride was mostly uneventful, other than it getting cooler as I approached the ocean.  My next fill up was at a cash-only gas station.  ?!?!?  Really?  They had an ATM so you could pull out money to pay cash for the gas.  Too weird!
Marion flew in to San Diego yesterday to visit her friend Karen.  When I got in, the three of us toured Oceanside and surrounding communities.  Here are some shots from La Jolla Cove:
A panoramic shot from the pier

Marion is the brunette, Karen is the blonde and I am the chubby one in the middle.

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