Thursday, July 18, 2013

Oregon (again) and Idaho

Got up from a refreshing sleep, yes, I shaved, and rode off.  I made decent miles today. I know these are just hills compared to what I will see soon, but for an Ohio boy, still impressive!
Lots of wheat. It was hot today. I saw a dust devil dancing.  And a lot of wheat.
I passed a gas station with just under a half tank.  The next 7 exits had no service.  The 8th had a gas station.  Close for many years.  Dang it!  The next sign (with the gas light on) took me a few miles off the interstate. This was the pump.
Pull the handle out, flip the lever and the electric pump inside start running.  Watch the rotary dials turn.
Oh and yes, that is a tomater truck in the background.
I turned off the interstate at this point, east on 20.  Feels good.  
This is a look back after I had been riding a while.
It was hot. 103. I was pushing water but I wanted to jump in a pool.  I found a KOA but guess what - no pool.  I kept riding.  It cooled off as the sun went down.  I was aiming for a KOA at moon crater something, but I found a free state camp on the road side.  I set up my tent, chatted with the neighbors and went for a short hike.  Even with the glow of the set sun, the moon is bright enough to see your own shadow.
And a little later, I took this shot west.
Crickets, an owl hoot, and distant howling (coyotes?)
Nice night.

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