Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Oregon (was supposed to be Oregon and Washington)

A third title could be I hate my GPS. I let the GPS trick me again.  I set Seattle as the destination and planned on sticking to the 101.  This worked for a while, and the for some reason it started fealing warm.  It was in the 60's by the coast but I checked the temp.  86.  Dang it!  I was almost on I5.  An hour from the coast.  There are many sections of 101 that are off the coast, so the missing ocean did not tip me off.  But this trip is not about getting there the quickest, which is what the GPS is good at.  Time to backtrack.
Which brings up a point that has been on my mind.  I am not meeting my goals for mileage. OK, today I lost time to navigation errors, but even without that, I am averaging much lower than my 500 mile goal.  Part of the problem is that I am not on the interstate.  Most of my previous touring was on the super slab.  Hair pin turns and frequently seeing overlook stops reduce the average mph.
Fortunately, this is exactly why I DID choose this route.
I am going to have to evaluate my remaining miles and remaining days to make sure I am going to be back in time for work.  Maybe tomorrow.  Too much thinking for now!
Here is some pics I took towards sunset.  This entire peninsula was wrapped in mist.
Lonely tree on a rock.
Pretty sun set.  Would have been nice to try to hike down to the water line for a better shot, but I had been on the road a long time and needed to find a campground.

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