Friday, July 5, 2013

Disney Land Day 1

Here is the view from our room.  This is the California Adventure park.
We had a goal today to ride the new Cars ride, but we got in too late to use the fast pass, and I was not prepared to wait 2 hours to ride.  We will try again tomorrow.
Shopping?  Yes, Marion loves to shop and I enjoy shopping with her.  Many souvenirs. I have never really been a Mickey Ears kind of guy.  I enjoyed amusement parks as a youngster.  Theme parks not so much.  But caught up in Marion's excitement, I saw the Fantasia Sorcerers hat (with ears). I could not live without it!  It lights up!
We are tired but looking forward to hitting the parks again tomorrow, then it is out to LA to see my brother Eric and his girlfriend Lulu.  Fun times!


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