Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Up to San Francisco

We hit Highway 1 early to get to Hearst Castle early.  Good idea since by the time we left there were a zillion people mobbing the place.
Again, most of my pictures are on the good camera and I don't have the cord in the room.
Oh, just so that you know, there is some pretty good scenery on Highway 1.  Once we got north of Big Sur, the highway turned in to a twisty ride with surprising elevation changes.  We played tag with the fog, some times above it, some times below it, and some times in it.
There were times I would be riding and see a sliver of white on the distant hill and realize that this was the road stuck crazily on the side.  Here is a shot looking back that give a small idea of what I mean.
Many places were much steeper and tighter but those were the places I could not stop for a pic!
We got stuck in traffic heading in to SF.  Took a dinner break and got to the hotel later than planned, but we are here, close to Fisherman's Wharf.  Time for some much needed sleep.

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