Friday, July 12, 2013

More San Fracisco

Breakfast at a crepe place on pier 39.  Shopping (seeing a theme here?) and then deciding how to do the Golden Gate.  I was leaning towards renting electric bicycles, but someone suggested riding the bus to the park and walking as much or as little of the bridge as you want.  I am glad we went this route. Riding a bike on that crowded sidewalk would have had us concentrating on getting to the other side, rather than being on the bridge.  Walking let us read all the plaques in the park describing the building and the technical details.  And walking the bridge gave us an up close impression of the structure.
The scarves were a late addition to our ensemble, because it was cold!
Most of the rest of the day was spent riding the street cars, cable cars and busses.
A late dinner at Tropisueño and then heading back to the room.  The planned line would have dropped us 3 easy blocks from the hotel.  My execution of the plan was not optimal.  We got off at the right street but 6 blocks away with some insanely steep hills to climb up and down.  Well, I guess we worked off dinner.  That's what she gets for letting me navigate! :-)
Marion flies home tomorrow morning.  I will be solo for the rest of the trip. :-(. I am going to miss her.

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