Sunday, July 14, 2013

This is the Pacific Coast I Imagined

First, I need to point out that these posts are being delayed by sketchy cell service.  But riding along with no opportunity to check email for much or all of the day has let me separate myself from the usual pressures of life and just enjoy the trip.
Riding alone again (I miss you, Marion).  I have been making it a habit to pull off at the signed Vista Points.  This one was nice enough that I took my journal and a water and hiked a bit.  I found a good place to sit by this cove and contemplated the universe. (Yes, I fell asleep)
I did get some writing done. :-)
I passed a point I have been reaching for. 100,000 miles
But Vince, you did not take the picture at exactly 100k. Why?
Roads like this had a distracting effect and I was not watching the odometer!
I found a state park right on the ocean and decided to set up camp while the sun was still shining for a change.
I read a bit, practiced my ukulele, wrote a bit and watched the sun set.  A coyote was hoping to get the neighbors tiny dog. He was quite persistent.  Shooing and flashlights kept him at bay but he never left.  The puppy spent the night inside their camper.
It was cold but using all my blankets (and a knit hat made with love) I snuggled in and slept well.

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