Monday, July 8, 2013


For those reading this for the motorcycle ride aspect, I apologize for the thin amount of riding being reported.  This will continue a bit as we visit with Eric and Lulu for a few days.

We went to the Huntington Gardens Sunday (yesterday). Here we are standing in the grass (bamboo)
At least we were told this was Huntington Gardens.  I think that we were actually transported to some alien planet, because the plants we saw were so bizarre they could not come from Earth!
We saw an incredible array of exotic and strange plants.  Little 3 foot tall plants with a 17 foot tall flower stem.  Crazy things that looked like they would eat you.  So many that did not match my understanding of plants.
Then the transporter took us to Japan.
I could have spent an entire day studying the bonsai trees.
For dinner we joined Eric and Lulu for their Sunday ritual of visiting her sister Shelly and hubby Amit.  This week their themed dinner included Carne Asada on the grill, rice, beans (with more than a little jalape├▒o kick). Shelly and Amit are great people and great entertainers!  I do not recall a more pleasurable evening.  We debated wine choices with more vigor than most people debate politics.  We laughed about humanity, about current events and old jokes.  This evening will be one of the fondest memories, I am sure!

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