Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Up the Coast

Eric got called in to work before we left.  Happy B-Day Eric!
We rode up the coast.  The pier at Malibu Beach
We stopped in Ventura and several other scenic vistas, but those pictures are on my other camera and the cords are buried somewhere.

The Rock was fogged in so we did not stop there.
One stretch of today's ride I got confused and let the GPS take me up 101 rather than the coastal Highway 1. Rather than turn back, we just decided to use that quicker route.  It returned us back to the coast but not before roasting us.  88 on the east side of the hill became 61 when we came back to the coast.  27 degree change inside an hour.

We set up the camper at the San Simeon state Park.  Nice enough place but no cell service so this post will have to wait til tomorrow.

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