Friday, July 5, 2013

Independence Day!

We went down to San Diego for a day of shopping and fireworks.  Karen took us to the Gas Lamp quarter, named for the gas lamps that were installed when 'new town' was built outside old town, the Spanish fort.
I enjoyed the architecture of many of the buildings
We shopped til we were ready to drop, and then took a break in one of the zillion bars and restaurants throughout Gas Lamp.  We listened to live jazz at Croce's which is going to close soon apparently.  We shopped more, ate more, drank more and had a great day people watching.
The news said that San Diego expected 850,000 people to come for the fireworks. There were certainly more people than at the small town fireworks from my childhood, but it was not the crush I had feared.  We probably could have had a better view if we invested more time in camping out all day in a good spot, but we were not sure where that might be.  Turns out it did not matter.  With the multiple points used for the display, everyone could see a portion.  If I stood on tiptoe, I could see the coordinated displays from 3 barges, and more were going off to our left.
Certainly the best display I have ever seen.

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