Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I was Wrong

I made a mistake.  I had previously said that the ride was hot.  I did not know what I was talking about!
I deviated from my original plan and decided to ride in to LA before I go to San Diego.  That way I can say I did the entire Route 66 corridor. I rolled out of the KOA around 8:30. The free breakfast was a disappointment.  Cold cereal.  No matter, I can stop anywhere for human fuel.  It was in the mid 60s when I left.  It got warmer.
I was a little worried about the brush fires but was not sure how close they were to my route.  What can you do?  I rode.
As I crossed from New Mexico in to Arizona, it was getting to be time to fuel up my bike.  There was no missing the first exit because there were 400 billboards proclaiming "Indian City" which apparently has the best blankets and beaded belts.  The state had their sign for gas and food, so I pulled off.  The pancake house looked like it had been closed for ten years, and so too the Armco gas station.  I poked my nose in to the Indian city and in fact they did have nice blankets. $80 was more than I thought they were worth.  At least they had Gatorade (which proved very valuable later)
It was getting warmer.  The next exit had a line of billboards telling me that even cheaper blankets and belts were to be had.  Also, the state gas/food sign.  I pulled off the interstate and in to the gas station-trinket store.  The pumps were cordoned off and the last price they had was $2.87 a gallon. <sigh>
Hey, did you know that blistex in unusable at 103?
I ate some peanut butter crackers at the third exit which actually DID have an operation station.
I rolled through Flagstaff and tried not to let the earlier disappointment color the rest of the day.  I really did enjoy the ride.  It was like I was riding through a road runner cartoon!  But so real and so beautiful.
The heat was still rising and I was drinking great quantities of water.  I frequently pulled over to drink some gator aid and dip my shirt in the cooler water.  It hurt to put it back on but I felt human again for the next ten minutes.
 I began to be concerned about the engine temp.  It was still at normal temp, but I have a trailer with all the aerodynamics of a barn, and i40 is 75mph, with most traffic exceeding that by a bit.  I started to back down the cruise just to be safe.
When I stopped in Kingman Az it was 109.  I guess the brush fires were not too far off.
Fuel up me and the bike and back on the road.  Temp going up. 111. More water.  Wet the shirt again.  Back the cruise down more.  115.  116.  The temp needle moves up above normal.  Now maybe this is normal behavior, but I sure don't like it. I realize my paranoia might be dehydration based so I drink more water.  I am still sweating, which is good.  Getting close to the CA border and I promise myself ill take the first hotel with a pool.  Back the cruise down more.  Pulling up hills at 55 and the temp needle rises again.  117.  Down to 50mph as I cross the ca border.  Now I promise to take any room with a shower!  First one I find is in Needles.  I have had a shower, a change of clothes and a beer.  My bike is in the shade, and it still reads 115, although some of that may be from the engine.  Oh, my iPhone did not like the heat either.  This was when I pulled in to the hotel.  I had to get my camera to take this photo.
Sorry for the bad shot.  I was overheated too.
I am going to do something I don't really relish - I am setting my alarm.  I will turn in early, and roll out around 4 to beat the heat.  But hey, that is 7 eastern, which is the timezone my body is still in.
Marion's plane just landed safe in San Diego.  I get to see her tomorrow so I am happy!

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  1. What was it they kept telling me in Vegas when they had an unusually warm spring? Oh yeah, it's a dry heat. Dry heat my butt, hot is hot!
    Btw, it was 72 & sunny here this evening. :-) you are heading toward cooler temps.