Sunday, July 14, 2013

Northern California and into Oregon

Brrrr 52 when I got done packing up. I wiped down the tent top three times but it was getting wet as fast as I could wring out my towel.  Apparently it gets foggy in Northern California.
Rode up 1 and 101.  They say there are some big trees along this route.
If you want to do a drive through tree, this one is supposed to be the best.  The few others are strung up with cables and the environmentalists won't allow new ones.
More enjoyable was the Avenue of Giants.
Awe inspiring to say the least.

Had lunch in Eureka and the ride into Oregon was nice.  Construction had me stop on a bridge waiting for oncoming traffic to clear, and I got this shot of a river at sunset
Oregon is not without its share of scenic coastline
Camped in a KOA (easy and cheap)

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