Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I made it in to Washington! WooHoo!  Here's a selfie on the beach.
And another without my mug.  I love the wind blown pines on the ridge.
I rode on, trying to keep my promise to eat miles today. As much as I like the scaled up KOA kampgrounds, their breakfast still does not suit me.  All you can eat pancakes is still just sugar to me.  I need eggs.  Oatmeal or non-sugared cereal at least.  So, I plan on hitting a diner or at worst, McD's after staying in a KOA.  Nothing appropriate presented itself.  I had some peanut butter crackers at the first fuel stop and finally found a place for a brunch around 11.  My schedule being off, I did not stop for lunch and around 5 I realized my blood sugar was low.  The first food sign I saw I pulled over. It was a state park on Lake Crescent. This is the lake.  I decided I would stay the night there. So much for my mileage goal for the day.
This is the creek just a few feet off of my site.
Here is the view I had during dinner.
I hiked a bit after dinner, saw a doe grazing in the mini field by my site, laid my head on the pillow and listened to the babbling brook.  For about 7 seconds...   Zzzzzzzzzz........

Edit from the future:  Looking back at this 2 years later, this stop was my biggest mistake of the trip.  I should have stayed another day or three.  This was one of the things I set out to do, spend time enjoying natural beauty.

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