Thursday, July 11, 2013

San Francisco

The day kicked off with an underwhelming continental breakfast.  Your choice of toast, bagels, Danishes or waffles.  4 cereals to choose from and all sugared.  I made do with an apple and found a cafe in Fisherman's Wharf that had an egg sandwich.
We did a tour of Alcatraz. The main cell block where they have the audio tour was pretty enjoyable.  The rest of the island is falling apart.  Neglect and the time exposed to the salt environment is tearing down the rest of the buildings.
Back in Fisherman's Wharf we got 3 day muni passes to ride all the cable cars, busses and street cars.
We had a fun episode - the car we were on 'dropped the cable' crossing another line.  Not sure what that means but it must be embarrassing, because the conductors of the passing cars all laughed when they heard.
Here is a shot of the crookedest street, Lombard.
We walked down the sidewalk and enjoyed the beautiful landscaping as we were amazed at the steep grade.
We are back at the hotel wondering if we can swing leg transplants, since ours are shot.  We are contemplating renting electric bicycles tomorrow to ride the Golden Gate.  But that will depend on how we feel tomorrow.

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